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Meet your Candidates for the 2017 AMTA-NY Elections

Follow the link below to meet all the candidiates for the 2017 Elections. ALL members are welcome to attend the business luncheon meeting on Friday and cast their vote afterwards.   Click here to get all the details

Functional Anatomy and Treatment of the Knees- Western Finger Lakes Unit

Everybody knows somebody with knee trouble, and it’s a major complaint of body work clients. The knee is complex in humans, who stand on two, rather than four legs. When alignment is altered anywhere in the body, we usually see a trace of it in the knee. But the knee can be confusing to understand

Functional Anatomy and Treatment of the Low Back and Hips- Southern Tier Unit

This course approaches the several things we think of as the lower back, the area from the lower ribcage to the sitting bones. The anatomy of the area is briefly covered, along with the miraculous multitasking of the lower back and abdomen, center of our core strength, seat of many of our most important organs,

Functional Anatomy and Treatment of the Foot and Ankle-Central NY Unit

It’s time we walked right up to the foot and ankle and took a good look. It’s easy to give a lovely foot rub, but the first seventeen times I studied the foot’s workings, I was completely confused. The foot is still a marvel to me – a beautiful, brilliant, multi-use part of the body.